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Levi Hummon | “Rock and Roses”

Levi Hummon | “Rock and Roses”

Levi Hummon

We have featured Levi Hummon a few different times. He seems to putting out hit after hit, one after the other. We have previously written reviews for his previous releases of “Fast Car,” , “The Story,” and his hit “Wedding Dress.”

Levi is back with a new single, “Rock and Roses.” This is a modern country song about a painful breakup and the regret that he faced afterwards. Lyrically, it is a strong song and is extremely catchy. It has a heck of a hook. His voice is showcased beautifully in this song. He even has a few different opportunities to show off his falsetto as well, which is appreciated. “I didn’t know what I was holding, until I let you walk, let you walk away,” is one of the most powerful lyrics in the song. It is very clear that he feels every part of this song. All in all, this is such a good song and will break your heart over and over again.

Levi has proven over and over again that he is just a hit machine and will be around for a while. If you are a fan of great vocals and catchy songs, take a listen to Levi Hummon!

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