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Levi Hummon | “Good Taste”

Levi Hummon | “Good Taste”

Levi Hummon

We have featured Levi Hummon a few different times. He seems to putting out hit after hit, one after the other. We have previously written reviews for his previous releases of “Rock and Roses,” “Fast Car,” , “The Story,” and his hit “Wedding Dress.”

Levi Hummon is back with his new single, “Good Taste.” This song is basically about not being “high class,” but that it doesn’t matter, because of the girl he’s got.

“She’s my champagne chillin’ all night / Just a little out of my league / But she’s all mine / When she’s turning heads that way / Now you can’t say I don’t got / Good taste”

This single has the catchiest melody out of all of his releases so far. The lyrics are super smart and flow well with each other. Pair that with the instrumentals and the vocals he is doing in the background, this song is bound to be a hit. This modern day twist on a country love song is definitely going to be a crowd favorite.

Just to prove that you have “Good Taste,” stream Levi Hummon’s new single below. It is also available on all major streaming platforms as well!

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