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Joey Hendricks | “Yours or Mine”

Joey Hendricks | “Yours or Mine”

Joey Hendricks

Joey Hendricks moved from Anacortes, Washington, to Nashville in 2017. He signed a publishing deal with Parallel Entertainment. He was recently signed to Sony Music Nashville as well.

Joey’s debut single, “Yours or Mine,” is out today. This song starts off with some strong instrumentals. This is a very modern Country track with some throwback 90’s influences to it. The lyrics are very catchy as well. The instrumentals are impressive as well. The way he uses the different effects and still incorporate the acoustic guitar is pretty cool. This is a good example of a modern country song sticking to some classic storytelling roots.

Joey Hendricks has such a smooth voice. Seriously, he could sing anything and make it sound good. He has a pretty intense range to his voice as well. Considering I have listened to this song over 10 times already, it is evident that this one could do very well on the Country charts.

If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out Joey Hendricks below. “Yours or Mine,” is available on all streaming services!

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