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James Dupré | Home and Away – Album Review

James Dupré | Home and Away – Album Review

James Dupree

James Dupré, named one of “10 Country Artists You Need to Know,” by Rolling Stone Magazine, possesses an exceptionally stellar, pitch perfect, baritone voice and has spent a great deal of time sharing that voice with his fans on social media platforms like YouTube, where he’s garnered over 11 million views. The former EMT-Paramedic is a Bayou Chicot, Louisiana native who currently lives in Nashville.

We featured James last week with his release of his title track, “Home and Away.” This new single has over 8,000 streams on Spotify alone, after being reviewed on our site last week!. James is back with his full length album, Home and Away. We have decided to do a track by track review for his new album.

First up is “You’re Probably Drunk Right Now.” And at the time of this review, I am completely margarita-less. Can’t make any promises for later though. “You’re Probably Drunk Right Now,” is a beautiful song with a heart-wrenching message. He really showcases his vocals in this song. He also seems to capture the emotion pretty effortlessly.

Next up is “Better Man,” which is reminiscent of a 90’s Country song. This is a huge compliment considering that is my favorite era of Country Music. This is definitely one of the standouts on the album.

In the 3rd spot, is “I Pulled It Off.” This one puts James’ voice in the forefront, which pays off completely. He really showcases his range in the high portions and in the low notes as well. “City of Single Girls,” is up next. This one is another that is very reminiscent of 90’s Country. The sound of this one is bound to make you a bit nostalgic and yearning for more of this era.

“Miss a Moment,” is up next on James’ new album. This one is more of a slowed down song that really benefits from the strings section. The violin is absolutely stunning and really compliments his voice.

“Painfully Pretty,” is more of a Modern Country song but still takes some notes from that 90’s sound. It is a perfect blend of modern and past Country sounds. All in all, this song is beautiful. James does a great job at capturing the emotion of the song and selling it to his listeners.

“Higher High,” is up next on this new album. Another standout on this album due to its high energy and wonderful story. Throughout this album, James does a great job at playing the storyteller and capturing the audiences attention.

Up next on Home and Away, is “Another Love Song.” The whole song is about the world not needing another love song, which instantly makes it extremely memorable. “The world don’t need another love song, and I don’t need another lie from you,” perfectly shows what this song is about.

“On and On,” is next in the lineup. We are back to more of a slowed down Country ballad, which relies heavily on his voice and the violin as well. Every song that incorporates the violin is absolutely brilliant on this album. Something about pairing his voice with the strings section, really makes it magic.

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We are almost to the end with “World Go Round.” Such a sweet song that beautifully showcases James’ voice and the electric guitar. This instantly makes it a go-to on this album. “Your Love is what Makes the World Go Round.” This should be added to your Country Love songs playlist on whatever streaming platform that you use.

“A Thing Like That,” already catches your attention from the beginning. The instrumentals and his vocals, bring you in and never let you go. My favorite part of Country Music is the storytelling ability and James does a great job with that through the entire album.

The title track, “Home and Away,” is last up on this album. Right off the bat, this track feels like a modern Country Song, with some 90’s influences scattered throughout. The lyrics really tell a captivating story, which is refreshing, especially with a lot of today’s Country Music. James vocals are absolutely stunning throughout the song. He manages to capture the emotion of “Home and Away,” and really delivers it in a way that will keep his fans pressing the repeat button.

All in all, this is a very strong release. James manages to keep your attention throughout the entire album. Every track is special in its own way. Home and Away is going to be one of those albums that you have to have. You will have this album on repeat. If you are a fan of genuine Country Music that delivers everything, from strong vocals to a blend of modern and past Country Music, check out James Dupré  below. Home and Away is available on all major streaming platforms!

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