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HAGER | “Heal Slow”

HAGER | “Heal Slow”


HAGER is a local artist, with Pop/R&B influences. Originally from Indiana, she has moved all over the US and even Germany. She started singing in church at age seven, but started performing in middle school and high school whenever the opportunity presented itself. After taking some time off and focusing on songwriting for a few years, she is back performing for the first time in 8 years. HAGER is back with a new single, “Heal Slow,” off her new EP, Miscellaneous Melodies. Here is what she had to say about writing “Heal Slow.”

“Heal Slow was a song I wrote after I realized i was keeping myself busy with things like co-writes, writer’s rounds, being with friends and out and about, to keep myself from feeling the pain of grief. I realized I wasn’t doing so well and I needed to be alone to process and that healing doesn’t happen all at once. A friend wrote me a letter a little after I lost my dad and she said, “It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to grieve and it’s okay to heal slow”.

“Heal Slow,” is a beautifully done song about healing and moving forward after a trying time. There are a lot of different influences in this song. The R&B influences are very evident here, which pay off completely. Once the song opens up, it almost sounds like a Coldplay song, which is very addictive. The song opens up and has a much bigger feel to it. The production is on point here. Vocally, Hager sounds absolutely beautiful. HAGER’s voice goes perfectly with the huge instrumentals and production. This is an absolute work of art. If you are a fan of great music, that will motivate you throughout the day, check out “Heal Slow.” The full EP, Miscellaneous Melodies, is available on all major streaming platforms and you can stream below!

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