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Gillian Krystal | “Torn” EP Review

Gillian Krystal | “Torn” EP Review

Gillian Krystal

Gillian Krystal is originally from New York. She now resides in Nashville, pursuing her music career. She recently released her “Torn” EP on July 10th. She currently has over 2.8 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone. With this release, she is bound to see that number climb. In honor of her release of this EP, I have decided to do a track by track review, to highlight this wonderful release.

First up on this EP, is “Feed Your Soul.” This song starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar. Once the vocals kick in, the first thing you notice is how great Gillian’s tone is. She has such a soft tone, but also shows off her range especially in the chorus. She goes straight from full voice right back to head voice, which is very impressive.

Next up is “Rapunzel,” which right off the bat, makes me think of a Taylor Swift song, which is a huge compliment. It is really cool to hear all of the different fairy-tale analogies in the song as well. “Rapunzel,” is a very smartly written song. The lyrics are spot on and are insanely catchy. This is a solid release. It is very smart to have this track in the second position on the EP.

“Shine,” has a different sound to it. Definitely has a more pop sound to it, with the different instrumentals/beats at the beginning. This beat is super catchy and it compliments her voice beautifully.

Next on the “Torn,” EP, is “Torture.” Right off the get-go, you just know that this is going to be a beautiful song. She begins this song in a very soft place. Once the song gets going, and she starts harmonizing with the background vocals, it is evident that this is a song begging to be heard. The instrumentals are heavier than in the other songs, but it pays off because it allows her to push her vocals even more. This one is a beautiful one that you should have on repeat.

The title track to this “Torn,” EP, is last up on this release. This one has a more bluesy feel too it. I am definitely not mad at it. “Torn,” is such a great ending to this EP. I absolutely love how the background vocals just add on to the epicness of this song. It is hard to go wrong when you are incorporating a bluesy feel into a release. This is a great one to put at the end, because it leaves a lasting impression of what Gillian has to offer the music world.

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All in all, the “Torn,” EP, deserves to be heard. It has everything you want in an album/EP. It has vocals for days, incredible instrumentals and catchy lyrics. If you haven’t already, make sure that you put this one on your playlist, wherever you listen to music. You will not regret it.

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