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Gatton | “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors and Pilots”

Gatton | “Heroes, Hookers, Pastors and Pilots”


“Heroes, Hookers, Pastors and Pilots,” is such an interesting title to an even more interesting song. This is a beautifully soothing song that does a great job at telling this story. Gatton does a great job at captivating the audience and drawing them in with the vocals and infectious melody. Vocally, this is such a strong performance. There is a sense of vulnerability that is shown throughout the song. Gatton recently released their Acoustic version of “When Scars Become Art.” Check it out below!

“Heroes, Hookers, Pastors and Pilots,” wasn’t the song I expected when I started this review, but it is one that needs to be heard. Such a passionate performance that has everything you need: Effortless harmonies, beautiful vocals and a story that deserves to be told. If you need a new musical fix, Gatton is here to help you with that. Check out the new single below. Available on all major streaming platforms!

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