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Gabrielle Mooney | ICYMI: Featured Interview

Gabrielle Mooney | ICYMI: Featured Interview

Gabrielle Mooney

Just in time for the Holidays, we are happy to announce Gabrielle Mooney as our Featured Artist of the Month! She has had a great year, with the release of her singles, “Come On In,” “Fire Money,” and “Pray For You.” As 2020 comes to a close, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the launch of a new business as well. Check out the interview that we did with Gabrielle below!

Jerrett from Music On The RoxHow long have you been singing/performing? What is one of the first memories you have of performing?

Gabrielle Mooney – There’s not really a time I wasn’t performing! My family had a southern gospel group called “The Mooney Family” and is kids would go up on stage at churches and sing with the fam. My mom played piano at church and my dad played the bass and steel guitar. I had this huge collection of harmonicas that I kept in this little makeup case and my mom would let me play behind her at our tiny country church. She’s tell me the key and I’d feel so important whippin one of those bad boys out.

What is it like coming from a musical family?
It’s pretty amazing! I definitely took it for granted back in the day. But being from a musical fam, being creative was normal. My mom is seriously the most patient and amazing mom ever. Thinking back, that must’ve been SO ANNOYING having 3 kids that were constantly making some kind of noise. My mom loved it! I can’t say that if I have kids I’d be so cool with a drum set in the middle of the living room lol

What has been one of the main challenges you have faced being a musical artist during a pandemic?
DISTANCE! Songwriting is such an intimate experience. When your in the room, the energy drives the write. It’s really hard on zoom! You also feel such a disconnect from fans if you don’t constantly create content. Shows are out of the question so just connecting with people online has had to do. I just really can’t wait for human contact again!

You’ve had a big year with your singles. How does that feel knowing the impact your music is having?
It really feels crazy! I mean…I’ve worked on these songs for so long and you never know what the reaction will be. I feel extremely blessed and grateful that people can relate.

How are you staying busy during these quarantine times and shutdowns?
I’ve actually written a ton on my piano! It clears my head. Im also a personal trainer, so health and fitness has been a priority for mental health especially. Finally, me and my biz partners started a CBD, health, and wellness subscription box called Third Eye High that’s kept us all pretty busy! I think my favorite part has been testing all the products for the box. The girls I work with are incredible women and we’ve kept each other sane for sure!

Have you picked up any new hobbies during Covid?
Not a one. 😂 My sister Erica is convinced that she’s gonna help me with TikTok tho. I still don’t understand those dances.

So, you recently helped launch 3rd Eye High. Congrats on that by the way. Can you tell us more about that business venture?
Yes thank you!!! Me and one of my publishers, Tara Joseph, came up with this idea of getting quality CBD in the form of an affordable subscription box. The cheap CBD doesn’t work, and the good stuff is super expensive! Tara and her husband were co owners of Grassroots, the medical cannabis company, so they have a ton of knowledge about the CBD industry as well. We brought in this incredible woman Mahja, who is an expert on everything cannabis related, and she has taught me SO MUCH. We brought in a fourth partner, Sydni Joseph, who is an incredible visionary and one of the hardest workers I know. I love that it’s all women, because we can really tailor the box to things that women like us would use. I’m really excited to get it out there!
(Check out 3rd Eye High at

What kind of plans do you have once everything gets back to normal with concerts and shows?
I truly hope a TON OF SHOWS! I don’t care if it’s a coffee shop or a bday party! I just want to play.

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What advice do you have for someone trying to make it in the music industry? DONT GIVE UP! Listen to criticism. You’ll never grow if you only listen to praise. Humility goes a long way. You are one of a million not one in a million. Be grateful for every fan you have….and finally, never take the little successes for granted. If you don’t appreciate the little successes, you’ll never be satisfied.

Do you have anything to tell your fans and those who have been following you for a while?
YALL ARE THE FREAKING BEST! Thank you thank you thank you for following me and my lil punk rock self. I adore u all. I’m so grateful to you all so so much.

Just want to say a big thanks to Gabrielle Mooney for doing this interview with me. I appreciate it. She is also nominated in our 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards, which you can vote for here. Check out Gabrielle below and stream her music on all major streaming platforms.

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