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Gabrielle Mooney | “Come On In” – Official Music Video

Gabrielle Mooney | “Come On In” – Official Music Video

Gabrielle Mooney

Gabrielle Mooney just released her Official Music Video for her new single, “Come On In.” If that name sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Gabrielle is the older sister of Shay Mooney, from Country/Pop Duo Dan + Shay. Looks like Shay isn’t the only musician in the family, which is pretty amazing.

When talking about the album with People, she said “Every time I go home, it feels like time has stood still, but with a few more stories that I’ve missed,” She also talked about writing the song. “I had just gone through family pictures, and been at my grandparents’ place,” she says. “My grandpa had just passed and my grandma was not doing well.”

She continues: “Later on, I had a writing session and all the memories came flooding back, from my incredible childhood on the farm to the way I was raised.”

“Come On In,” is a beautiful trip down memory lane. It is an ode to Gabrielle’s childhood and how she was brought up. “Come On In,” has a very infectious melody with a catchy hook. Her voice was made for this type of music. She shows off her range in this song, which is just as impressive in her low register as she is in the higher notes.

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“Come On In,” is an instant hit. This one is going to be eating up the charts and airplay. This is a very promising start to the next stage in Gabrielle Mooney’s next stage of her career. “Come On In,” is available on all streaming platforms today. Make sure to check out our previous review for her last release, “Fire Love,” as well!

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