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Ethan Payne | “Luke’s Guitar”

Ethan Payne | “Luke’s Guitar”

Ethan Payne

Ethan Payne is a Georgia native, currently making waves in the Nashville Music Community. Ethan Payne has been nominated for 3 years in a row for Georgia Country Teen Artist of the Year at the Georgia Country Music Awards. He also appeared on Season 17 of American Idol, where he reunited with Luke Bryan to perform a rendition of his hit “Do I.” He has been regularly making trips to Nashville to co-write for his new album coming up. He recently released his new single “Luke’s Guitar.”

This song has a very unique backstory. He spoke to Country Now about the guitar “I knew this song would be the only way [Bryan] would always know how much he changed my life that night in Dallas, Texas when he gave me that guitar and asked me to come to sing with him in front of 50,000 people.

In this song, instantly, you can tell how much that moment meant to him. His voice is strong and is accompanied by some strong instrumentals. With all good country music, comes a great story. This is no exception. When you are listening to “Luke’s Guitar,” keep in mind what that moment meant for Ethan. That will make you appreciate it even more. All in all, this is a heck of a release from an up and coming country artist. Ethan Payne will be one to watch out for in the future.

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