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Dylan Russell | Thieves – EP Review

Dylan Russell | Thieves – EP Review

Dylan Russell

Dylan Russell is back with his full “Thieves,” EP. You may remember that we have previously reviewed his singles, “Wash My Hands of You,” and “Like You Lie.” In honor of his full EP release, we have decided to review the entire EP.

“Thieves,” EP starts out with “Changing.” This one is a pretty mellow song about someone not changing. He really showcases his vocals here. The way he goes from his head voice to his full voice, is pretty impressive. The instrumentals are a nice addition to the song as well. They compliment each other beautifully. “You’re not changing, your just changing my mind.” These powerful lyrics will resonate with a lot of listeners.

Next up is “Like You Lie.” Since being featured in April, this song has over 220,000 streams on Spotify alone. “Like You Lie,” is all about moving on after a toxic relationship. Just like the previous release, Dylan does a great job at telling his story here and reeling the audience in. It is such a catchy song with an infectious melody. His voice is front and center and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. He has a way of tugging on your heartstrings and taking you along the journey with him as he navigates the lyrics.

The title track to this EP is up next. “Thieves,” is another beautiful addition to to this release. The lyrics are really what makes this song memorable. They are very intelligently written. His voice is in the forefront again here and it really pays off. The fact that this is a duet, makes it that much more enticing. Their voices work well together on this track.

“Wash My Hands,” is up next. Since being featured a few months ago, it has over 320,000 streams on Spotify alone. Very impressive. “Wash My Hands Of You,” is a slower song about moving on after a breakup. The song starts out with a beautifully haunting piano melody. Dylan does a great job at telling his story with this release. His voice goes very well with the instrumental as well. This song really showcases his vocal abilities. You can hear all of the heartbreak and pain in his voice with this one. 

Last on this EP, is “3.2.1.” This one starts out a little slower with just minimal instrumental and Dylan’s vocals. About 1:30 in, the song hits a new level with the instrumentals and beats. This one is a standout on this new EP. I absolutely love the use of his head voice in this song as well. Another solid release by an up and coming artist.

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If you are a fan of powerful vocals, inspiring lyrics and all around wonderful songs, take a listen to Dylan Russell below. “Thieves,” EP is available on all major streaming platforms.

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