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Clark Beckham | “Run Away”

Clark Beckham | “Run Away”

Clark Beckham

Clark Beckham was born in Nashville, but grew up in White House, Tennessee. He also graduated from Lee University in with a degree in history. In an interview Beckham said that he originally wanted to audition for American Idol at 18 years old, when it came to Nashville, but said that it was not in line with God’s will at the time. He eventually finished as runner up on the 14th season of American Idol.

Clark Beckham is back with his single and music video, “Run Away.” This single is a perfect example of how to capture the emotion of the song. Clark is great about that. Even when he was on Idol, he captured the audience’s attention, week after week. This song has a very catchy melody and beat, but his voice is the real standout here. Some of these notes that he hits are pretty insane. He really delivers once he gets into his upper register as well. He does all of this while never losing the essence of the song. Below is the official music video for “Run Away.”

This is a beautifully shot music video that is simple but very effective at getting the message across. You can tell in the video that this song is important to him and he is feeling every bit of it.

All in all, this is a beautiful song. It features Clark at his best, with a beautiful melody and impressive vocals. Seriously, I don’t think that he has ever sounded better. This is the kind of song that deserves a lot of airplay/streams. If you are fan of Clark Beckham, or just want to listen to some genuinely great music, check him out below!

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