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Chance McKinney | “Nothin’ Better to Do”

Chance McKinney | “Nothin’ Better to Do”

Chance McKinney

Chance McKinney is originally from Lolo, MT. He originally got his start in Seattle, WA, where he met up with local musician, Steve Mitchell. “Steve taught me the basics. He taught me song structure, chord patterns and better guitar techniques. He literally sat down with me two nights a week (for nothing) and passed on whatever knowledge he could (or whatever I was capable of retaining at the time),” recalled Chance. “We used to do a live, acoustic show one night a week for tips and dinner.”

Soon after, Chance took on with some other regional musicians (among them, long-time drummer and friend Brian Bujucich) and formed the duo “Nathan Chance” who got their first big break when they were asked to open for Kenny Chesney. That duo opened for Big n’ Rich, Blaine Larson, SheDaisy, Martina McBride, Little Big Town, Toby Keith, Brooks n Dunn, Kenny Loggins and Gary Alan. In September of 2009, however, “Nathan Chance” disbanded.

Chance has been releasing music for a few years now. His biggest release “Backyard,” has almost 500,000 streams on Spotify alone. His latest release is “Nothin’ Better to Do.” This song is insanely fun and catchy. His voice comes across very clean in this release. The instrumentals of this song really have a “Country meets Funk,” vibe. This song has a ton of memorable moments. From the serious romantic areas, to the humor lyrics, this song is definitely one that you will catch yourself singing. Lets not forget the spoken word section at the end. That is pure gold. So, if you have “Nothin Better to Do,” check out Chance McKinney below!

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