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Bryant Lowry | Akuma – Album Review

Bryant Lowry | Akuma – Album Review

Bryant Lowry

Bryant Lowry is back with, Akuma, his fourth solo album under his own name. This album is pure instrumental which is a bit different than some of the other music that he has been a part of. He is best known as the drummer for Jet Black Alley Cat, but has also just released his Thorr EP, which is his first Thorr album to feature his vocals. In all of these releases, the instrumentals are on point. Bryant has such a creative mind, that everything that he wants to do musically, gets done and comes out a masterpiece. He is a true artist, in every sense of the word.

Akuma is such an interesting instrumental album. Has everything from upbeat fun instrumentals to some sad ones that really put things into perspective. Each track has their own unique ability to draw the listener in, and keep them enthralled in the music. This whole album is very dynamic and is beautifully produced.

Bryant said that he just hopes that people find a few tracks to fall in love with. Personally, the entire album is incredible. The tracks that I am absolutely in love with are “Semblance,” “Intertwine,” “Toulouse,” and “At the End.” All of this album is absolute instrumental greatness, but these tracks really put me in a different place. The way they all start off slower and then pick up towards then end, really keep you on your toes. There is a certain charm about this album too. You can tell that each track is meant to have an impact on the listener. Definitely something to listen to when you want to be in a creative head space or even ones to just relax a bit.

If you are feeling the Summertime 2020 blues, check the playlist out below! Included in this playlist is his JB Good – Wildcat release as well. This was released on the same day. It has every emotion in the book and is bound to get you hooked. Bryant seems to be staying busy and popping out legitimately great music in the process. If you are a fan of genuinely great music, follow him below!

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