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Brandon Stansell | “Like Us”

Brandon Stansell | “Like Us”

Brandon Stansell

Brandon Stansell is back with his new single, “Like Us.” This is basically a follow up song to his single, “Hurt People,” which featured country star Cam. This is another LGBTQ+ anthem which tells a story about home not being home, for people “like us.” Vocally, this song is beautiful. His voice is perfectly highlighted in this song. It is put in the forefront of this song, where it belongs.

This is a heartbreaking song about Brandon not being able to bring his significant other home to meet his family, because he is “different.” I think most LGBTQ+ people can relate to this song. It is very disappointing to be so excited for a new relationship but it not being accepted by your family and friends, just because you don’t fit the mold. “I bet my family would love you, if they ever got to know you,” are probably the strongest lyrics of the song. Home should feel like home for everyone, not just those who fit into a certain category. I think that Brandon’s songs are important to hear, especially in Country Music. It will start a conversation and that is really what we need right now.

We have previously featured Brandon on our page, with our review of “Hurt People,” “Like Us,” is basically a sequel to it. Feel free to check it out and follow Brandon’s social media’s below!

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