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Brandon Stansell | “Hurt People” (feat. Cam)

Brandon Stansell | “Hurt People” (feat. Cam)

Brandon Stansell

Brandon Stansell is a singer/songwriter originally from Nashville, TN. He released his first full length album, “Slow Down,” in 2017. His biggest release on Spotify, “Slow Down,” (feat Ty Herndon) has over 93,000 streams so far.

Brandon has now teamed up with Country star, Cam to release his new single, “Hurt People.” This is a very emotional song about his coming out story. This usually isn’t something that is very common in Country Music, but is much needed. He was recently featured in an interview with People. During the interview, he said, “I hope this song provides listeners of the genre a sense of representation that they may not often experience,”

This song is a great example of a modern Country song, staying true to its southern, storytelling roots. Some of the most powerful lyrics of the song, “I knew they wouldn’t understand but I told them anyway / And 10 years later I’m still waiting for time to heal this pain / My daddy said I want you to know that we’re not proud of you / So I left home on my own just like hurt people do,”

I think that a lot of people can relate to this song. Even people who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community. This is a beautifully heartbreaking song that will resonate with a lot of different people. His vocals are strong and go perfectly with Cam’s background vocals. You can hear the pain in his voice during each lyric.

This isn’t the first time that Brandon has been open about his sexuality in his music. In 2018, the music video for his single “Hometown” became the first LGBTQ+ video to air on CMT. Rising Country star, Cam is a longtime LGBTQ+ ally. She has performed in GLAAD’s Concert for Love and Acceptance at the CMA Music Festival. With Pride month approaching, “Hurt People,” is bound to be a hit.

If you are a fan of modern Country Music with storytelling roots, check out Brandon Stansell and Cam below!

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