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Avenue Beat | “F2020”

Avenue Beat | “F2020”

Avenue Beat

In 2019, Avenue Beat released their debut self-titled EP that lead singer Savana co-produced alongside David Garcia and Ashley Gorley. “The genzennial collective of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff are strong, smart, fun – in love with life, each other and getting on with it,” according to their Official Website. Following back-to-back runs with Mason Ramsey, Avenue Beat joins Rascal Flatts on the road later this year for the FAREWELL: LIFE IS A HIGHWAY TOUR.

Their highest streamed song on Spotify currently, is “Ruin That For Me,” which has over 12.4 million streams alone. They are back with a very straight forward song, F2020. (Explicit).

This is basically a song that everyone is going to relate to. Especially if you have been personally effected by everything going on in 2020. “F2020,” is a catchy release and will be played over and over by people who are just ready for 2020 to end. The vocals are on point. The harmonies are spot on and the beat is pretty intense. This song reminds me of a mixture of Sasha Sloan, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. It is a super addicting song though. This is a very different sound than “Ruin That For Me,” but it is a solid release.

When live shows make a comeback, this will definitely be a crowd favorite. Everyone will know every word to it too. So, if you are also tired of 2020 and really just want it to go away, check out “F2020.”

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