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Amanda Kate | “Healing When I Ride”

Amanda Kate | “Healing When I Ride”

Amanda Kate

Amanda Kate is a Singer/Songwriter currently living in Orange County, California. In October 2019, she debuted her album, “Time.” She recently released the official video for her single, “Healing When I Ride.”

Right off of the bat, the video is beautifully shot. The imagery is very impressive and has a very calming feel to it. Amanda’s voice is really showcased in this song. She has a way of portraying the pain in her voice which makes this song even more meaningful. Her voice is beautifully complimented by the instrumentals in the background as well. This is such a calming song that will just make you want to listen to it over and over again. “Healing When I Ride,” really has a 90’s Country feel to it, which is my favorite time period for Country Music. All in all, this is a beautiful song with an even more beautiful video.

If you are a fan of Classic Country with story telling roots, check out Amanda Kate below! You will not be disappointed.

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