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Abigail Jerri | “Mind”

Abigail Jerri | “Mind”

Abigail Jerri

Abigail Jerri is a Pittsburgh, PA native that is making a splash in the Nashville Music Scene. Growing up, she would spend her time, jamming out with her brother Steven. Her first professional recording happened when she was 14 and she even went on to attend a performing arts high school, majoring in musical theater. Abigail is back with a fun new release “Mind.” Check out the official dance video below!

“Mind,” is a pop/r&b influenced song that has a pretty contagious beat. The production is on point with this new release as well. Abigail’s voice sounds really smooth here and is perfectly accompanied by the acoustic guitar. Lyrically, this new single is insanely catchy with a very strong chorus. “Mind,” is a perfect example of a great pop/r&b song. It has everything from strong vocals, catchy beats and clever lyrics as well. If you want a song to help fill out your playlist, check out Abigail’s new release below.

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