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Maddy Hicks | “The Bliss You Missed”

Maddy Hicks | “The Bliss You Missed”

Maddy Hicks

Maddy Hicks is a current songwriting student at Belmont University. She has been singing and performing for years. On December 6th, 2019, she released her first album “The Bliss You Missed”.  Her style is a mixture of Maggie Rogers and soft comfort pop. Maddy’s music is easy to listen to, and gives off the type of vibe that you could listen to for hours on end. “Undone” and “4th” happen to be two of my favorite tracks from her album, because they are incredibly relatable. The lyrics are clever and well placed. When the soft guitar or piano plays in just the right places, the melody grabs your heart and takes your emotions along for a ride. If you’re looking for a talented new artist to support, make sure you check out Maddy Hicks. 

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