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Derek Anthony | “If I Don’t”

Derek Anthony | “If I Don’t”

Derek Anthony

Derek Anthony is the type of artist that has a legacy sound. He is very country radio friendly. His songs are very easy to listen to. If “easy listening country” was a category, he would be in it. He has a very contemporary country style. He would play well with other artists who have other crossovers with country or rock. Lyrics for “If I Don’t” are very well written. The chorus and bridge have strong builds. Background vocals work well in this song. Although, the background vocals could be more prominent to bring more attention to the lyrics of the song. The mastery work deserves to be complimented. It isn’t as compressed as other modern recordings.You can tell that what he writes, isn’t superficial and is from the heart. All in all, this is a strong song. Derek is a talented artist that deserves a place in country music.

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