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Jake Adler | “26” – Album Release

Jake Adler | “26” – Album Release

Jake Adler

Over the last three years, Jake Adler has proven himself in the ever-changing music landscape with phenomenal success. He rose to prominence under the moniker “Adler XCVI” with his hit singles “Tired Eyes”, “Something I Said”, and “Believe in Love.” Throughout his career, he has accumulated over 3 million streams across popular platforms.

Jake has had his musical works featured on countless well-respected music blogs, as well as syndicated features on a well-known television series. Coming from humble beginnings, Jake hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has achieved these accomplishments only at the ripe age of 26. Despite his success as Adler XCVI, Jake has re-discovered himself and his sound. 

Jake Adler just released his new album, 26. Check it out below!

The whole album is really well done. The production is on point. “Superhero,” is really up beat and has some 80’s influences which is refreshing. He has such a strong voice, and it is at the forefront of the song. Definitely one of the standouts of the new album.

Up next, we are looking at “Smile.” This is such a feel-good track. It has more of an acoustic feel. This is beneficial, considering how strong his vocals are. He has one of those voices that stands out and soars in every track.

Next up is, “Effortlessly.” Needless to say, Jake makes these vocals sound, effortless. He is super talented and it shows throughout the track. The way, he plays with his vocals is very impressive. I don’t think there is anything that this guy can’t sing.

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The last one we are taking a look at off of this album, is, “Without You.” The story of this song is extremely relatable. This one is definitely one of my favorites off of the album. Again, with it having an acoustic vibe, it puts his voice at the forefront of the song. All in all, it is such a strong vocal performance throughout the album. If you are wanting a good story-telling album, with some pretty impressive vocals, make sure to give, 26 an add to your playlists.

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